Skyline Walk ODE


Sculptures on the beach




As I jumped off the bus I had to do a simple sequence grab, turn, drop, grab, turn, drop.

I did this about 51 TIMES! In my imagination.

You just asked, “what did you grab and drop.”

Well… I carried 51 over night bags which were 1 tonne HEAVY! Well I might be exaggerating a little bit. After this I had to do an unexpected sequence. Run through tents, trip, run though tents, trip. This time it was a bit more painful, I first was not trusted to hold the hammer but I got my way. BANG! TINK! BANG! TINK! Went the hammer. It was cold that night so I got up in the middle of the night and put on a blanket. BANG! TINK! BANG! TINK! I woke every one up.

Treasure Hunt


As the gravel pushed against my shoes I ran to the very first clue of the treasure hunt as fast as a cheetah catching it’s prey. After I had checked the answer with my buddy, and of course my team leader, I sat down to write the story about a shack (this was for the treasure hunt). After my story was compete my group of 6, plus my parent, went on to do the next amazing question of the exploration.  But the funny thing was that Trey, (Isabella’s dad), ended up taking a picture of my group while we were wondering past him. I think he took it when he was hiding behind a bush. Even though it was unexpected the picture turned out to be absolutely awesome.Trey+Ratcliff+-+Bannockburn+Ca-3675726069-O

“Come on guys, quick climb the fence!” screamed Griffyn as he sprinted to the finish line.

A scream of joy came from my team. We had won! 

Meanwhile the other groups were sprinting back the long way trying to get second. In a way my team kind of cheated because we climbed the fence.   Even though we climbed the fence we still would have won because we were ahead of them quite a bit.

I am sure the joy filled everyone’s body’s that they had finished the treasure hunt, even though there was no reward for it apart from the home baking everyone  had brought in for us to eat. It was so yummy especially the oranges because they were so sweet and juicy.  When I took a bite into an orange in my mouth swelled with the juice from the orange. Even after I had swallowed the orange I still had the amazing taste of the orange lasted until we got to camp…

100 Word Challenge


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What is the 100 Word Challenge:

It is a weekly creative writing challenge for children under 16 years of age. Each week a prompt is given, which can be a picture or a series of individual words and the children can use up to 100 words to write a creative piece. This should be posted on a class blog and then linked to the 100 Word Challenge blog. The link is usually open from midday on Sundays until midnight the following Saturday.

Click here to see what this weeks prompt is.

If you would like to enter this challenge add your writing onto this page, Middle School 100 Word Challenge, it needs to be approved by a teacher first, then it will be add to the challenge.